Vsonic GR09 Review

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Vsonic updated their flagship GR09 in 2019 with a new (albeit plastic) case and a cheaper price tag. These In Ear Monitors (IEMs) feature an amazing sound from the Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm (“CNT”) drivers that delivers deep base and balanced mids. Previously these drivers were only available on the premium ceramic bodies which costs ~$350 USD. This brings the GR09 sound signature to us mere mortals with 75% discount on the price. Now the biggest question is – do these sound good and will they be legendary like the Vsonic GR07

Included Contents

Vsonic GR09 Unboxed – included accessories

Out of the Box, Vsonic included your standard affair of accessories with 3 pairs of plastic nozzles and 1 pair of Foam tips. This feels a little lackluster for 2019 as most manufacturers include different selections of Foam Tips and additional sizing options. Full list of accessories in the box:

  • Gel Tips – Small, Medium and Large (3 Pairs)
  • Foam Tips (1 Pair)
  • GR09 (detachable mmcx)
  • Cable – mmcx
  • Fortified ear hooks
  • Carrying case

Build Quality

The build quality on the Vsonic GR07 is a let down – the plastic shell feels cheap and light. I could visually see the seams of the plastic mould, removing any sense of sleekness. The design of these buds are definitely much suitable for a ceramic case (as found in the previous GR09 release), so the 2019 edition feels like a cheaper and like it belongs in the sub-$100 tier. The adjustable nozzle heads felt rock solid and squeaked when I tried to adjust them – definitely not precision engineered.

The included cable feels light and from my past experience with the Vsonic GR07, it’s not very durable. Luckily its replaceable with any other mmcx cable and I would definitely recommend it. Oddly enough the IEMs don’t give that satisfying click when the adapter is connected.

Listening Notes

New Plastic housing – no longer has that premium feel

Vsonics are GR series is known for providing a balanced sound – especially with the popular GR07. The GR09 is no exception – bass, mids and highs were all balanced. Something that should be noted is that GR09 has a decent bass performance – you definitely feel the punch when it comes. I found that overall these IEMs are easy to listen to without to much fatigue – they provide a lot of detail without being overpowering.

When compared to the Legendary Vsonic GR07, these buds don’t have the definition and neutrality that the GR07 is famous for. This is mainly attributed to the driver design – Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) isn’t as neutral or responsive as the bio-cellulose fiber diaphram divers found on the GR07.


  • Strong performance. Punchy but not overpowering.
  • Not as “Flat” as the Vsonic GR07 – you definitely notice it more.


  • Detailed and great for female vocals


  • No significant issues with sibilance

Verdict – Review

Adjustable Nozzle

GR09 are amazing for the value – it packs incredibly detailed sound effortlessly with enough bass to please those listening to heavy music. By using nanotube diaphragm drivers, they provide a clean profile without overloading on drivers. The Vsonic build quality left us with much to be desired – the plastic shell casing felt light and cheap. Nozzle head squeaked when adjusted and rather difficult to adjust. So whilst the sound quality was above the price range, the build quality was clearly sub-$100.

We managed to picked this one up for ~92 USD – definitely a recommend at this price point.


Product: Vsonic GR09 2019 edition
Driver: Carbon nanotube diaphragm   
Rated impedance: 50Ω ± 15% ( at 1000Hz )   
Sensitivity: 108dB /mW (at 500 Hz, 1mW 20u pa )   
Frequency range:10Hz-28000Hz   
Distortion: less than 1% ( at 1/3oct 94dB 20upa )   
Channel Balance : less than 1dB(at 500Hz),  less than 2dB(at 20Hz-12.5KHz)   
Rated input Power: 10mW   
Maximum input power:50mW   
Plug size: 3.5mm dual-channel plug   
Cable :1.30M TPU cable, maximum 82 core silver and copper combo wire ±3%


Vsonic Official Website: http://www.vsonic.com.cn/
Head-Fi GR09 Thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/vsonic-gr09.833040/

Vsonic GR09


Sound Quality











  • Carbon nanotube diaphragm Drivers
  • Clean and crisp treble
  • Open Soundstage
  • Light and compact


  • Cheap Feeling plastic shell
  • Noozle hard to adjust
  • Cable feels thin / cheap
Vsonic GR09
75 %
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