Fiio FH7 Review : Quality build, but standard sound


Fiio’s new FH7 is their newest entry into the High Definition category with these hybrid In Ear Monitors (IEM). First thing you’ll notice is that these IEMs are built like a tank – with a metal outer body and heavier feel to them. In terms of driver design, the Fiio FH7 features 4 Balanced Armature (BA) drivers with 1 dynamic driver.

Driver Design:

  • 4 Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers (SWFK-31736)
  • 13.6mm Beryllium diaphram dynamic driver
  • Single Earbud Weight: 8.15g

This packed driver design is engineered deliver deeper bass and high definition mids and highs – we did extensive testing to see if the FH7 performed to these specs.

Fiio FH7 In Ear Monitors

Included Contents

Fiio’s packaging tends to be on the large side, with a large heavy premium looking box with many accessories

  • Gel Tips and Foam Tips in a Large Box
  • FH7 (detachable mccx)
  • Cable 1.5 Silver braided– mccx
  • Carrying case

Build Quality

Fiio has always been know to have extremely high perceived build-quality. These IEMs have a very solid metal shell that almost feels like a tank. The nozzles are solid and don’t feel weak to the touch. There is also substantial weight to it – giving it that premium feel. For this unit, I got the 1.5 m silver coated braided cable which feels great and doesn’t tangle easily.

I do have to mention that Fiio does have some quality control issues. Some users have reported sound cutting off from these cables. Warranty will depend on who you purchase with, so make sure offer good customer service. Good thing is that these IEMs use the mmcx cable so replacing the cable shouldn’t be an issue.

FH7 Frequency Response Table

Listening Notes

Testing Methodology: We burned-in these IEMs for 100h with brown noise prior to testing. For listening, we tested the FH7 with various tracks of different genres including rock, pop, jazz and for good fun classical.

We found the sound signature of the FH7s to be V-shaped, with a stronger emphasis on the bass and highs. This is becoming rapidly becoming Fiio’s preferred sound signature as it tries to cater to a new generation of Chinese listeners that want those deep bass sounds.

Sound signature is definitely a personal preference – and this pair of IEMs is great for anything punchy like house, dance or pop music. However, when it came to jazz of classic, the Bass became overwhelming and occasionally gave me some discomfort.


  • Strong performance. Found it too punchy at times
  • Not “muddy” – Bass as clean


  • Detailed mids – this is where the 4 BA drivers shine


  • No significant issues with sibilant.

Verdict – Review

On paper, the Fiio FH7 is a beast – with a fancy 4+1 hybrid design and amazing good looks. I really wanted to love these and place it into the hall of fame – however, the choice of sound signature and excessive bass performance held me back. During the review at many times I felt minor discomfort at the level of bass and manually reduced bass levels with software EQ – something I don’t usually do with other IEMs.

I managed to picked this one up for ~$ 449.99 USD – I’d probably wait for a discount before purchasing again.

Score 8/10


Product: Fiio FH7 Hybrid In Ear Monitors
Drivers: 1 x Dynamic + 4 x Balanced Armature
Frequency response: 5Hz – 40kHz
Sensitivity: 111dB/mW
Impedance: 16Ω(@1kHz)
Price: US$449.99


Fiio Official Website:  

Fiio FH 7


Sound Quality











  • 5 Driver array (4 Balanced Armature, 1 dynamic Driver)
  • High Quality Detachable Silver Cable
  • Premium 3D printed casing
  • Metal Construction


  • Feels large and clunky
  • Mccx connection can get loose


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